Kenzie Page, Dustin Reynolds – Dustin Reynolds Lays His FIRST Facial On Blonde Babe Kenzie Page – Hot Guys Fuck

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    Dustin Reynolds got wayyyy lucky landing this scene with the hottest girl he's ever fucked... Miss big booty twerk FEEN, Kenzie Page. Clearly some attraction both ways... Kenzie admitted that she thought Dustin's Southern accent was way too hot to handle. She considered buff Dustin a regular Southern gentleman! That is, until he started laying the pipe down on that pussy. Dustin was tossing sexy Kenzie ALL OVER THE DAMN ROOM! They made it to the pool table and just about any other piece of furniture in this room. The cherry on top? Dustin got to give a girl his 1ST FACIAL! Kenzie was more excited than all of us to receive it! Ahhh you gotta love being a part of giving someone their first sexual experiences.

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