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    So here is a little something something about 19 year-old Reyna Delacruz who if you couldn’t tell by her name is a Latina goddess who likes her sex rough. You know she likes being choked, a little hair pulling and having her ass slapping and all that she says with a smile and giggle. This girl is so damn fine she could bring a tear to a glass eye I’m telling you, and her dick sucking skills? Phenomenal, unparalleled, extraordinary, unmatched, superb, marvelous, primo extra magnificent I’d say, and so would Jake Adams “The Director”, who little miss Reyna thinks she’s working with today. You see occasionally Rick over at Backroom Casting Couch will toss us a spectacular specimen like Reyna to Ambush if he thinks she’s special. Well this one’s special all right and just wait until you see how well she can play “hide the salami”. It’s quite impressive to say the least, and to have reached this mile stone achievement at such a young tender age as her tells me this girl loves sex and hung around the fun group of kids in school. I can just hear the HS boys now. “Hey Reyna? Let me show you what I saw in a movie I found in my dad’s closet”. My dicks getting hard just thinking about it and if I could go back to HS I’d fuck everything that moved. Well Reyna? You’ve come to the right place because you’re in for quite the surprise today and after Jake takes his sweet ass time unclogging your windpipe, it’s off to the bedroom for what she thinks is some good old white-boy dick. Yeah, you know the rest of the story and it’s a huge BBC surprise in the bathroom by none other than Isiah Maxwell. As Tony Montana would says, “Let me introduce you to my ‘not so little’ friend, and this Latina honey is more than introduced to Isiah’s not so little friend. She gets thoroughly fucked and throated in all the expected positions then is lead out to the bedroom for some more proper dicking and boy are you all in for a treat. This girl can fuck and Isiah admits at the end she kept up with him and took everything he had and more. This is one fucking hot scene and well worth the price of admission everyone so sit back and start spanking. It’s a good one. Steve
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