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Vivian Sanchez: Speedos do the trick!

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    Wassup guys??? Apparently, if you're on the beach in Brazil & you don't have on some type of speedo's on, you won't get hot girls. We walked around for hours & hours looking like tourist thinking we would find something to take back home, but that shit was not working for us. So we went & got us some speedo's & guess what?? That shit actually fucking worked. So we ended up meeting 2 sexy little mami's Daniella & Vivianne, we chatted for a bit & tried to convince the 2 of them to come back with us but one of them (Vivianne) had some things to do & told us maybe tomorow, but Daniella stayed & we went back to the house, had a few drinks &...... you already know what happened now guys, come check it out
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