Vivian Taylor, Brickzilla – Good Girl – Hussie Pass

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    Curvy coed 💜 Vivian Taylor makes her Hussie🌴Pass debut today, which also means we just had to pair her up with the one and only Brickzilla 📏➕☝🏾 for this week's update, because that's how we are 😬 After the “Patent Pending” Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins interview portion of the program 🎤👩‍🦰 Brickzilla makes his way into the scene and proceeds to get Vivian all lubed up 💧 especially that 42-inch backside 🍑 which she of course twerks for all of us 🤤 Brickzilla then assists in getting Vivian’s pussy warmed up, first by porking her with a rather large rubber dong, then licking and sucking on her juicy clit 👅😻 Brickzilla stands up, Vivian gets on her knees, and we get to watch the BIG reveal, as she pulls down his boxers 🩲 and out pops that curved 13-incher we all know and love 🍆😲 Vivian sucks and slobbers on Brickzilla's girthy prick before giving him a slippery footjob 👣🍆 and eating his ass 👅🍑 just like a good girl should 👌🥚 Vivian then gets on all fours as Brickzilla lubes up that ass once again 💧🍑 so we can get down to the fucking. She takes damn near all 13-inches of him 🤯 doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and on her side, until the time comes where Brickzilla pulls out and cums on Vivian's pretty little face ✊🏾🍆💦👩‍🦰 As usual, we followed the two into the shower to 🚿🧼 see how things went, and to watch Brickzilla assist in washing Vivian's luscious ass... Until Next Time! 🏝️
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